What constellation is a feathered animal?

Sound installation for multiple speakers and motors, 2018

6-channel sound, car speakers, artificial grass runners, Plexiglas, painted steel cable

Duration: 12 minutes in a loop

This is a sound installation for multiple speakers and motors. It sets off the exploration of involuntary trajectories that birds' voices and movements take. Here uncontrollable wings and calls are treated as automated signals.


Looking into the aspects of 'naturalness' and field soundscapes, I micro-sample the 'errors' of birds' natural call. At times it reminds me of an electricity buzz or beeping of small devices. I artificialize, stretch and pitch them up. I re-create a field of vibrations and tremors, which is a sort of field that could have existed among programmed electronic devices.


Two motors are moving pink cables which produce scratching noises and rotation buzzing. These automated sonic interventions weave into the sound loop.  A constellation of car-speakers set in the space enables our visual perception, sense of time and distance as integral elements of a sonic experience. It is an ensemble of dots, but also the distances in between.