Bob Marley is the name of a bird

A documentary audiovisual installation inspired by the act of listening and involuntary routes which voices and bodies of birds are following , 2017.

Back and Forth

A documentary film focused on the travel between memory and imagination wrapped around a century-old wooden house in Russia, a work in progress.

Day: Eighty Four

A fiction short film and installation constructed as a journey through a fear-research facility, 2015-2016

Double F for Final Fantasy

A documentary essay re-interpreting touristic voyage to the outer folds of Iron Curtain in 1980, 2015

Trilogy Aliveness

The trilogy is a visual and auditory study on the difference between alive and moving, 2013

My brother in red and blue

A hybrid documentary. standing at crossroads of science and mysticism when a child's health is at stake, 2014.

A billion of wide-open yawns

An audiovisual installation that explores emergency maneuvers  and plan of a forced journey, 2015-16.

Alina Ozerova is a filmmaker and sound artist who often starts from a documentary standpoint. Her films and audiovisual installations are inspired by 'journey' as a narrative structure and physical experience: involuntary travels, evacuation routes, memory circuits and motion of sound.