As a filmmaker I work with video commissions from artists, research initiatives and cultural institutions. My area of interest and expertise - filming complex art performances with handheld camera or multi-camera set up. I love to create documentation videos that go beyond an ordinary registration, using my experience in editing and filming documentaries, art & sound performances, concerts, audiovisual installations, capturing movements, voices, and thoughts. 


Contact me for filming and editing options, fees, and availability via info [at]

* Upcoming: What Do I Hear?

Feature length documentary about What Do I Hear? project by The Other Abilities artistic initiative, 2021-2022.  Alina Ozerova: cinematography and editing.

Sightless Seeing #5: Remember by Heart 

Upcoming: video for AV installation 'Sightless Seeing#5' by Sarah van Lamsweerde, filmed in IWO Boekendepot and Allard Pierson Museum, 2021-2022.  Cinematography and editing: Alina Ozerova.

Sightless Seeing #5: Black Box

Video documentation of the performance  'Sightless Seeing #5: Black Box' by Sarah van Lamsweerde, Punt WG, Amsterdam 2021. Alina Ozerova: camerawork, editing.


Humans Talk To Me

Video documentation of the interactive installation by Mark IJzerman, Arita Baaijens, Axel Coumans, and Eeke Brussee, Museum de Lakenhal, 2022. Alina Ozerova: camerawork, editing: Mark IJzerman.

An Educational Album 

Concert video created for a project by Natasha Papadopuolou in collaboration with Yiannis Loukos,

Het Hem, Amsterdam, 2022. Alina Ozerova: cinematography and editing, second camera: Andreas Tegnander.

Rehearsing the Archive

Video created for the project 'Sightless Seeing #5' by Sarah van Lamsweerde, commissioned by 'Suns and Stars', 2020.
Alina Ozerova: camerawork and editing.

Sightless Seeing #4: Acquisitions

Video documentation of the performance developed by Sarah van Lamsweerde, Stedelijk Museum, 2021.

Alina Ozerova: camerawork and editing

The Anastasia Method

Video documentation of the performance 'The Anastasia Method' by Natasha Papadopoulou, Flam Festival, Amsterdam, 2018. Alina Ozerova: camerawork

Miss Saturation

Video documentation of the performance 'Miss Saturatrion' by Natasha Papadopoulou, Perdu, Amsterdam, 2018. Alina Ozerova: camerawork

Site-Specific Singing

Principal camerawork for the performance of Miyuki Inoue, Dokzaal, 2018

Alina Ozerova: camerawork, second camera: Maria Montesi, editing: Miyuki Inoue.

Under Acupressure

Filming for the project 'Under Acupressure' by Natasha Papadopoulou, Punt WG, Amsterdam, 2019. Alina Ozerova: camerawork.

Light the lights, Nico

Video documentation of the performance  'Light the lights, Nico' by Francesca Burattelli, Plan B, Amsterdam 2016. 

Alina Ozerova: camerawork, editing Francesca Burattelli

The Last Time We Are Here

Filming performance of Sandra Stanionyte, Studio Eighteen 29,  Amsterdam, 2017. Alina Ozerova: camerawork

Animal Choir

Filming performance of Maria Lepistö, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, 2016. Alina Ozerova: camerawork

Waltz of the Matinées

Camerawork for the performance 'Waltz of the Matinées' by Francesca Burattelli, Fons Welters, Amsterdam, 2016.