Participatory sound installation, 2019

4-channel sound, tactile transducers, gymnastics rings and mats, painted, wood, suspension ropes, aluminium covers. Duration: 7 minutes in a loop

This sound installation was developed during artistic residency ARTEFACTO SONORO in Quito, Ecuador.  It is a part of 'Non-vertical listening' series - project that questions a type of verticality that freezes and alienates listener from sound-maker or performer. Alternatively I suggests non-vertical modes in which sonic and visual stimulation can take over not only our ears and eyes, but also limbs, bones and body cavities. 


Site specific solution is inspired by the architecture of Cumandá - urban park in the heart of Quito created in the place of terminal for regional buses. This recreational center conceptualizes the union of two axes - culture and sport. An open and free of charge space for everybody.  

Location photos

During 3 days of 12-14 of February we arranged a workshop on Non-vertical listening in the theater of Compañía Nacional de Danza del Ecuador. 

Participants had diverse backgrounds: visual artists, sound and theater professionals, musicians and dancers. Together we explored several non-vertical positions of bodies in relation to surfaces and tactile sound speakers attached to them. Workshop documentation link.

As a result of it certain shapes and positions were chosen for the final presentation in urban park Cumandá. 

The final presentation of the project was held on the 22nd of February. Inside the Cumandá's skate park was installed a setting of 3 objects for participatory interaction with audience. Sounds used in the installation were recorded on public buses of Quito and reproduced through 4 channels using tactile speakers attached to wood. The setting offered an interactive mode of listening in non-vertical positions.