Take me, Bring me

Participatory 5-channel sound installation, 2018

video documentation, AIR 'Manufactuur' in De Bijloke Muziekcentrum (Ghent, 2018).

'Take me, bring me' is a reflection on vulnerability of our senses and position of helplessness. Using a system of surface transducers this sound installation takes visitors on a sonic trip. It encourages listening through your body and exploration of sleeping positions.


This year I took a train from Kiev to Slаviansk, a small town in Eastern Ukraine. Local airport was destroyed in the conflict between the Ukrainian forces and rebels from Eastern Ukraine. The battles over the airport were all over the official news and youtube, captured by mobile phones of conflict witnesses. The airport is still in ruins. But there is an old post-soviet night train instead. It takes 11 hours to do that journey, most of it you should be sleeping.


The reality is different. Banging and groaning sounds of carriage metal parts so severe that I could feel material vibrations with my whole body. That journey has become for me a very painful reminder of the destruction that political and military conflicts bring into a normal flow of life. Laying on a train shelf, feeling the resonance of metal parts banging against each other, I was carried away by the force which was too big to resist.


What came out of this experience is a one-on-one sound session. Set in the shape of a sonic installation it is performed for each visitor individually. 

The development of this installation is possible thanks to technical advising and support from Overtoon (Brussels) and De Bijloke Music Center (Ghent). This project is generously supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

De Bijloke Muziekcentrum, Ghent, Belgium

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