Alina Ozerova is a filmmaker and sound artist. Her audiovisual installations are often inspired by 'journey' as a narrative structure and physical experience. She works with audience participation, tactile sound, binaural recordings and non-vertical listening positions. The physicality of sound perception is in the core of her sonic practice. 


Participatory sound installation, 2019

Non-vertical listening I

Workshops, Quito, Ecuador, 2019

The ear is a muscle

Participatory sound installation, 2019

Things I payed and did not pay for

Participatory sound performance, 2019

Take me, bring me

Participatory sound installation, 2018


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2016


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2017

What constellation is a feathered animal?

Sound installation for multiple speakers and motors, 2018

Think of balance as a verb

Participatory sound installation, 2018

Does the bird who flies with bats 

sleep upside down? Mixed media installation, 2018

Non-vertical listening

Participatory performances for listeners, on-going


3 channel sound piece for 3 CD players, 6 min, 2017. 

Bob Marley is the Name of a Bird

Performance: live soundtrack, voice, spoken word, 15 min, 2017. 

During the period of 2018-2019 Alina Ozerova is supported by Werkbijdrage Jong Talent stipend of Mondriaan Fonds