Bob Marley is the Name of a Bird

A documentary audiovisual installation about the act of listening to the Surinamese birds.

2 channel videos on TV screens, sound and moving image on mobile phones, branded chairs, bird sticks, 2017

double F for Final Fantasy

A documentary essay re-interpreting touristic voyage to the outer folds of Iron Curtain in 1980.

 8mm transfer to video, 07:03, color, sound, 2015

Trilogy Aliveness

If considered to be a semiotic process, in other words Aliveness can mean that we are 'moving images' ourselves. 

Video, 8mm, animation, projections, color, sound, 2013

Day: Eighty Four

When dangers are unrecognizable and vision is failing – which senses can you rely on?

HD video, fiction, 13:00, color, sound, 2015

My Brother in Red and Blue

An experimental documentary about mystic family story of a sick baby getting healed deep in Ukrainian villages.

Video, 16mm, 8mm, VFX, color, sound, 16:13,  2014