Dial Down. Silence as a by-product

Podcast-style audio piece, Amsterdam, 2022

sonó/curso IV

Participatory sound installation, Amsterdam, 2021

The ear is a muscle. Self-balancing

Participatory sound installation,  Amsterdam, 2021

The ear is a muscle II

Participatory sound installation, Rotterdam,  2020

Sound as a by-product. Eat me.

Podcast and sound installation, Brussels, 2020

Joystick Whispers

Podcast-style audio piece, Amsterdam, 2021

sonó/curso III

Participatory sound installation, The Hague, 2019

The ear is a muscle I

Participatory sound installation,  Arnhem, 2019

Things I paid and did not pay for

Participatory sound performance, Brussels, 2019

sonó/curso II 

Participatory sound installation, Moscow, 2019


Participatory sound installation, Quito, 2019

Non-vertical listening I

Workshops, Quito, Ecuador, 2019

Take me, bring me

Participatory sound installation, 2018


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2016


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2017

What constellation is a feathered animal?

Sound installation, Ghent, 2018

Think of balance as a verb

Participatory sound installation,  Amsterdam, 2018

Does the bird who flies with bats 

sleep upside down? Audiovisual installation, 2018

Bob Marley is the Name of a Bird

Performance,  Amsterdam, 2017. 

Alina Ozerova is a filmmaker and sound artist. Her audiovisual installations are often inspired by 'journey' as a narrative structure and physical experience. She works with audience participation, tactile sound, binaural recordings and non-vertical listening positions. The physicality of sound perception is in the core of her sonic practice.