Joystick Whispers

Podcast-style audio piece, Amsterdam, 2021

This is the second episode in the series 'Sound as a by-product' started during the artist-in-residence period in Q-O2 (Brussels).  It studies parts of our life where sound has a quality of a by-product - an incidental or secondary outcome of the main activity.


'Joystick whispers' explores sonic qualities and cultural meanings of silicone in everyday use from breast implants to mouth trainers and vibrators.

It is a humorous investigation of a middle ground where technologies and household routines meet each other, are played back, mimicked and discussed. It also touches the subjects of noise measurent, sonic waves, and cruise-controle employment in sex toys industry.


It is a participatory podcast-style piece created for the new edition of Spring Pulses 2021 by C O M (E) P U L S I V E platform for sound art.


You are invited to listen to this podcast episode with a silicon item of your choise, just like in the episode one we invited you to bring along your favourite snack so we could bite on it together.

Research photos from personal archive, 2021.


The first episode called 'Eat me (like a chef)' was presented as a part of Summer Pulses in September 2020 through C O M (E) P U L S I V E platform.