My Brother in Red and Blue 

An experimental documentary short film about a mystic family story of a sick baby getting healed deep in Ukrainian villages


Video, 16mm, 8mm, VFX, 2014

16:13, color, sound

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This experimental film tests the edge between documentary and fiction through the combination of  found and archive footage, and eccentric visual effects. Starting from a family insight it questions the relation between mystic and pragmatic. The intimate narration of the family story is framed with video recordings of Soviet TV hypnotists of late 1980s. Medical science as a cluster of assumptions and procedures is 'paired' with self-treatment and healing as a system of beliefs. 

Impossible Toys, video work in progress, 2015

Video stills

An experimental short film playing with sci-fi and documentary styles.

How I changed from being a stone into a tree, video 3:30

Video, 8mm, animation, 2013

Color, sound

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Visual, temporal, auditory research on relation between nature and science, transitions of adolscence and moving images as characteristics of aliveness

Dear Mom and Dad, Experimental short film, 08:04, 2013

16mm, black and white, sound

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A child, a man, a warrior - his masculinity is questioned by the refuse to grow older and fit the prescribed gender role. Camouflaging himself to meet social prerequisites, the character is unwilling to be an adult. Instead he's living through a dreamy world, where he transcends the existing qualities of body and mind by painting his new physical and temporal identity straight on. Filmed on 16mm, black and white images of uncanny intimate scenes and awkward invasions into the outside world portray a man and a child in one unsettled being.

Half-running Hand, video 07:15, 2013

Color, sound

Contemporary view on the fierce relation between language and body is translated through the montage projection and performative destructive actions on it. The tools for that purpose are designed in the shape of ancient Cyrillic letter, excluded from modern alphabet. Concept, cinematography & performance by Alina Ozerova, photography by Adam Berman


Produced for the video programm 'Peter the Great, a Contemporary Tsar'. The Hermitage, Amsterdam, NL

Milk children, video 10:35, 2013

English subtitles

Those two kids were my 'milk-brothers'. My mom could have been called their 'wet-nurse'. Anyway she doesn't associate herself or me with those people. I've been told about my 'milk-brother' at the age of 7 or 8. I was explained what it meant and how exactly it happened. My mom said I had been surprised, a bit confused, but never too much curious about this fact or about my 'milk-brother'. That's what she recalls.

Semiotics of aliveness, video 3:37, 2013

Aliveness - if considered to be a semiotic process - in other words can mean that we are 'moving images' ourselves. And we are born without built-in mental content or knowledge about what's considered to be human or alive, to be corpus or object, body or material. 

'Semiotics of aliveness' is a study of the difference between alive, mechanic, moving and reproducing through images, projections, three-dimensional objects, human body and sound. And how those visual and auditory symbols could be alienated if the perspective changes. 

It's an observation of giving life process by the objects which are not supposed to be alive, but want to become it, want to overcome this difference.

My family archive, video 1:15, 2012

Rethinking the past - mixing up and blanking out - happens both to individuals and states. How much fake the story should be to become credible?

This mockumentary uses a combination of pictures & drawings from the family archive dating to 1940-1950s, a short fragment of footage found on internet of the period of WW2 and drawings of the author. Revealing a very personal research on the features of Soviet Era through the minor details - like homogenous haircuts or way that head scarfs are used - the scary routs of social dissolving.

Alice, video 1:23, 2012

Inspired by Lewis Carroll novel ’Alice’ is about body alteration and the fears that come with it. Loosing the ground in a nightmarish way. 

Ambrotype, video 5:51, 2012

A technique to capture the moments of the family history – ambrotype, the most affordable one after daguerreotype. A moment to keep silence and make peace with dead or fight with them. Such an unspoken conflict may take more energy then a face-to-face fight. Presence or absence – the argument is being captured with imprinting the past and the present into a living body, into its memory.