Day: Eighty Four

When dangers are unrecognizable and vision is failing – which senses can you rely on? And are there any rules to follow in order to escape?  

HD video, fiction, 13:00, color, sound, 2015

A fiction short film inspired by a society where fears are spreading fast and its fabrication has got to an industrial scale. Surveillance and isolation have become the strongest remedies against possible danger. And dying of old age is a minor threat, unlike the invisible dangers.

Written and directed by Alina Ozerova, cinematography by Jorne Tielemans, main cast: Nienke Sikkema, Diana Dobbelman, Lorena Ciubotaru.

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double F for Final Fantasy

A documentary essay re-interpreting touristic voyage of relatives and friends who got the permission to reach the outer folds of Iron Curtain. The 8mm camera they brought along was documenting street views, mountains, swimming in the lake, and incredible amount of Soviet monuments on the way.

 8mm transfer to video, 07:03, color, sound, 2015

35 years after that trip I need to practice oblivion as a part of a new identity formation, as a way to get forward. It results in an experimental essay adapting touristic posters claims to highlight the unreflected episodes of the past and make a link between private history and ‘here and now’. 

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My Brother in Red and Blue 

An experimental documentary about a mystic family story of a sick baby getting healed deep in Ukrainian villages.

Video, 16mm, 8mm, VFX, color, sound, 16:13,  2014

This film tests the edge between documentary and fiction through the combination of found, archive footage, eccentric visual effects. Starting from a family insight it questions the relation between mystic and pragmatic. And intimate narration of the family story is framed with video recordings of Soviet TV hypnotists of late 1980s. 

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trilogy 'Aliveness'

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