Irrational: objects and methods

Installation: fireguard buckets, spraypaint on metal, water and meds supply, black rope. Various dimensions, 2016. 

Part of 'Fast, No Jams, No Panic' solo show in MMOMA, RU.

Nowadays diverse emergency info-graphics, multiple instructions and visual codes of fire or radiation safety provide a visual language for contemporary spells against danger and fear. How do these measures increase our chance of salvation? Do they encourage our vigilance or, on the contrary, pacify us?

In this installation I'm using hand-painted fireguard buckets – a seemingly atavist element of every fire safety stand in Russia, obligatory ammunition for a public space. 

By applying a palette of 5 colors on them I'm expanding the emotional range they refer to.

Screaming flatness of original 'signal red' is substituted by terracotta, cherry, bright red, orange, and ends with warning yellow. Therefore the objects escape the zone of visual blocking, they become playful and apparent again.

Another element of the installation is a stock of water and meds - 'top one supply' of an individual emergency kit. Of course it's in the wrong place, but fear is irrational too.