All the brilliancy that sank into the opaque core

Installation in 3 movements. Gold leaf, metal, plastic, rubber on site. Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, various dimensions, 2015.

In Oude Kerk I was interested in the representations of technology, in designs covering up the contemporary utilities requirements. The underfloor world of cables resting beneath the antique stones, holding the electricity power and ready to serve the needs of modernity, while covered up with circular lids cut out in the original tombs stones and co-existing with rosettes and old symbols engraved on the floor.

The goal was to bring a subtle attention to these joints between modernity and heritage of the building, to open it up. Gold leaf was the material I chose for its exceptional industrial, economical and emotional value. Historically most of the gold on Earth is accumulated in the planetary core - outside of our reach – where it sank when the Earth had been formed. This discovery inspired the title of the installation.