Take a seat, please, while we're leaving the floor

Graphics series, silkscreen print on plexiglas, 36x50 cm, 2016

Irrational: objects and methods

Installation: fireguard buckets, spraypaint on metal, water and meds supply, black rope, 2016. 

Water Sl.

Sculpture: used water hoses, metal heads and screws, 185x185x260 cm, 2016.

Day: Eighty Four

Site specific video installation: 2-channel HD video, color, sound, English dialogues, prints on adhesive paper, pattern grid, 2015-16.

A billion of wide-open yawns and not a single head

Video installation: b/w projection, 2 channel sound, various objects, 2014-16.

All the brilliancy that sank into the opaque core

Site specific installation in 3 parts: gold leaf, metal, plastic, rubber on site, 2015.