Rib cage + Velvet rope


Sound performance: live organ, found sound, voice recording, duration: 10 minutes. Orgelpark, Amsterdam, November 7, 2014

Mixed media sound performance is dealing with the subjects of fear, our bodies reaction to it and the training we get to be prepared for emergency situations, including death.

One layer of the piece is a beautifully unsettling composition for a solo organ 'Principal Sound' (1980) composed by Morton Feldman, performed live by Andries van Rossem. The second musical layer is the sounds of emergency sirens recorded in different cities and countries – played back from the sampler.  The third ingredient is the voices of old ladies: Molly, Aster and Griete. Their roles are playful and naughty, they aren't afraid of anything and are not ashamed to joke about other 'old ladies'.