Non-vertical listening

Participatory sound installation

In this project I want to develop a sensory practice to integrate sound, tactile and choreographic aspects with a focus on listening through your body. I want to work with participants to combine listening approaches with physical work-out and create arrangements and tools for directing their bodies in various non-vertical positions. 

To enable tactile listening I will use a combination of surface transducers that create sound and vibration through the surface of material they are attached to. The 'tools' or 'equipment' to mediate non-vertical listening positions will be executed on the set and include soft / inflatable objects and stretchable handles. This is an ongoing project that adapts its presentation to the sites where it is exhibited and performed. Likewise sound recording, design and choice for materials that transducers will be attached to (metal, wood, glass etc.) will adapt depending on the particular city, public space or exhibition room.