Performative sound installation: 3 channel sound piece for 2 CD players and 1 mp3 player, 2017, Gent.

This work comes out of my interest in physical and narrative power of civil defense siren sounds. It continues the line of audio exploration set in the project Rib cage + Velvet rope but takes a different perspective. The sound of siren gets embodied into physical routines of evacuation drills and it also enables blocking mechanisms. 

In dot-and-dash the sound of a field recording was divided into 3 channels: stereo, left mono and right mono. It was fragmented and randomized as a pattern, taking the motive of starting up the siren and being unable to continue with it or tune in. In the audio mix the punctual fragments of siren are travelling between 3 audio players, each one having its own sound quality and playback specifics.

In the context of the installation these sounds become a possible communication code with a suggestion for deciphering. They transport the audience into an emotional state between embarrassment and playfulness. The installation uses moments of silence to form and break the expectations from a sound pattern. The reverberate acoustics of the arched corridor enhances the moments of sound 'dots' while 'dashes' are filled in by the audience perception.

Dot-and-dash installation in a humorous way creates the setting for 'decoding' sound as communication mechanism, as a musical pattern, as en emotional condition.