What constellation is a feathered animal?

Sound installation for multiple speakers, work-in-progress


Birds' songs especially when heard in the wild 'en masse' create an impression of an orchestrated chaos, having irregular character, sometimes appearing as noise. But a single bird's performance consists of a fixed pattern of sounds, repeated as a sequence again and again. There is a variation from bird to bird in particular tones articulation or speed, but in general we are hearing an imitation/reproduction mechanism in action. By using a grid of speakers distributed in space I want to create a visual and auditory impression of a transformation of sounds from ordered to irregular and back in a loop. The beginning of the loop consists of several (8 – 12) sounds synced at the beginning point and looped. Differences in bird calls timing make the individual calls come out of sync with each other, gradually becoming an irregular 'natural' multiple bird soundscape vs. the 'choir' beginning. Then I want to make them come back into sync with each other.



Although birds do have wings the idea of their freedom of movement might be a romanticized and symbolic interpretation created by humans. While migration routes and territorial behavior of birds are far from being free will actions. The in-built biological 'triggers' define the directions and distances that birds can and can not cross, creating an outline for their movement. Outside it shapes their territorial sense and daily movements from one forest (or other landscape) segment to another. On a smaller scale, inside the bird cage it makes them change the position within a certain 'looped' trajectory. By sampling friction and strings-like sounds from field recordings and processing them I want to create a loop that will be played back with the help of transducers placed on the walls of the installation space. I would like to make an emphasis on vibrations of the elements but also to scale them up in volume and physical space they take to a human scale.