Take me, Bring me

Participatory installation and live sound performance, work-in-progress.

'Take me, bring me' is an invitation for a therapy session where I take a role of 'dream DJ'. It is a sound experience. For me as an artist it is a reflection on vulnerability of our senses and position of helplessness.

This year I took a train from Kiev to Slаviansk, a small town in Eastern Ukraine. Local airport was destroyed in the conflict between the Ukrainian forces and rebels from Eastern Ukraine. The battles over the airport were all over the official news and youtube, captured by mobile phones of conflict witnesses. The airport is still in ruins. But there is an old post-soviet night train instead. It takes 11 hours to do that journey, most of it you're supposed to spend sleeping.


The reality is different. Banging and groaning sounds of carriage metal parts so severe that I could feel material vibrations with my whole body. Sleeping was almost an impossible act – like falling asleep during a heavy metal concert. To capture it I put on my binaural mics. That journey has become for me a very painful reminder of the destruction that political and military conflicts bring into a normal flow of life. Laying on a train shelf, feeling the resonance of metal parts banging against each other – it took me into a shameful and vulnerable emotional place. I felt small and helpless and I was being carried away by the force which was too big to resist. I felt guilty and sick at the same time.


And still I was able to dream, although the dreams were short and interrupted by harsh sound interventions. All of it created a space for reflection about the ongoing conflict. What came out of this experience is a one-on-one dream therapy live session. Set in the shape of a sonic installation it is performed live for each visitor who joins the session. By working with performance participants individually I would like to create a moment for them to be taken away with a sound experience