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Belongs to Whom?

Soundscapes of living spaces and daily routine. Several women from East Africa: after sleeping in the tents and under the bridges some live now in shelters, others in asylum centers. Waiting for a permission to stay, living in temporary, dysfunctional places, permeable and undesired.

Using minimal visual guidance the project aims to take you to other places just by the means of sound: brushing teeth, nursing a baby, music beats behind the wall, boiling water, someone just passed by, praying, whispering, yawning.

Binaural audio is recorded by the characters themselves and has 3-dimensional qualities. While wearing the headphones visitors can spot themselves between their ears, can sense the distance between the bottom and the top of their temporary homes.

Outside of exhibition working hours, early in the morning or late at night, the soundscapes can be reached through online streaming. With no public around, at the moments when your private life time aligns with theirs.