Alina Ozerova is a filmmaker and sound artist.  Previous musical studies have influence on her work with sound design and composition in autonomous audio projects and video soundtracks. Her sonic pieces and installations are often inspired by 'journey' as a narrative structure and physical experience. She works with binaural recordings and found sounds, creating soundscapes, using audio loops and live mixing, as well as exploring  visual and spatial ways to present her sonic works.


3 channel sound piece for 2 CD players and 1 mp3 player, 6 min, 2017. 

Bob Marley is the Name of a Bird

Performance: live soundtrack, voice, spoken word, 15 min, 2017. 


Sound piece for 2 stereo loudspeakers, 2017


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2016


Binaural audio installation and online store, 2017

Take me, bring me

Participatory installation and live sound performance, work-in-progress

What constellation is a feathered animal?

Sound installation for multiple speakers, work-in-progress