Half-running Hand

Produced for the video programm 'Peter the Great, a Contemporary Tsar'. The Hermitage, Amsterdam, NL

Video, color, sound, 07:15, 2013

Contemporary view on the fierce relation between language and body is translated through the montage projection and performative destructive actions on it. The tools for that purpose are designed in the shape of ancient Cyrillic letter, excluded from modern alphabet.

Concept, cinematography & performance by Alina Ozerova, photography by Adam Berman

Milk children

This milk used to belong to me, but was given away. And I had feelings about it.

Video, color, sound, 10:35, 2013

Those two kids were my 'milk-brothers'. My mom could have been called their 'wet-nurse'. Anyway she doesn't associate herself or me with those people. I've been told about my 'milk-brother' at the age of 7 or 8. I was explained what it meant and how exactly it happened. My mom said I had been surprised, a bit confused, but never too much curious about this fact or about my 'milk-brother'. That's what she recalls.

My family archive

Rethinking the past - mixing up and blanking out - happens both to individuals and states. How much fake the story should be to become credible?

Video, black and white, 1:15, 2012

This mockumentary uses a combination of pictures & drawings from the family archive dating to 1940-1950s, a short fragment of footage found on internet of the period of WW2 and drawings of the author. Revealing a very personal research on the features of Soviet Era through the minor details - like homogenous haircuts or way that head scarfs are used - the scary routs of social dissolving.


Inspired by Lewis Carroll novel ’Alice’ is about body alteration and the fears that come with it. Loosing the ground in a nightmarish way. 

Video, color, sound, 1:23, 2012