We are born without built-in mental content or knowledge about what's considered to be human or alive, to be corpus or object, body or material. The trilogy is a study of the difference between alive, mechanic, moving and reproducing through images, projections, three-dimensional objects, human body and sound. And how those visual and auditory symbols could be alienated if the perspective changes. 

Semiotics of Aliveness

An observation of giving birth process by the objects which are not supposed to be alive, but want to become it.

Video, projections, color, sound, 3:37, 2013

Don't worry, I'm here

One minute of playing with a distinction between male and female, back and front, two and three dimensions.

HD video, color, sound, 1:00, 2013

How I changed from being a stone into a tree

Visual research on relation between nature and science, transitions of adolscence and moving images as characteristics of living. 

Video, 8mm, animation, color, sound, 3:30, 2013